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Show-Me some Show-Me State Games!

Hello everyone!

I hope you enjoyed my corny title! This weekend was another really cool experience and fun photoshoot. As some of my followers know I have moved back to the great state of Missouri. Missouri in the summer means one thing. Lake of the Ozarks! Oh and the Show-Me State games. This year was special because I was finally back with my twin brother Mike. We played lacrosse together and were co-captains in high school back in Illinois. Mike went on to play lacrosse at the University of Missouri where he finished as team captain before changing sports to wrestling.

I knew it was going to be a great weekend when Friday came along and friends started pouring into our ranch house from all over the state. Buddies that Mike played college lacrosse with and old friends I hadn't seen in awhile!

I was asked by the team if I could shoot some pictures from the event in which of course I said yes. I love lacrosse and have been a fan of it ever since I could remember. It was a blast getting to shoot pictures of the Mizzou alumni team "The Thunderbirds" notice those wild uniforms!

After loosing their first game the thunderbirds came back to run the table and win 2 games to get into the championship game. The team played Gem city (OH) in the finals and wouldn't you know it I traded my camera in for a pair of gloves and a lacrosse stick. I played in the final game which allowed me to get a medal for the second place finish. It was a riot being back out on the field with the boys and let me promise you all...I was wildly out of shape. Another fun aspect was the fact that in high school at ole Downers Grove South I played defense. Which was all fine and well...but at the Show-Me games I played 3 different positions, none of which were defense! I played offensive midfield, defensive midfield, and long stick middi.

It was a blast and enjoyed catching up with everyone and complaining how out of shape we were. It was really cool to see how everyone has moved on in the world to take on big jobs and to see how successful everyone has become.

Overall it was a great weekend and we only lost 1 ACL along the way haha!

Enjoy some shots from this weekend!:

It was a blessed weekend, loved seeing all the smiles!

John 3:16

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